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Peekazu the name.

Well we have come a long way since starting Peekazu back in February 2019. Find out more about the name below!

Welcome to our blog post. We have added this feature so we can keep you posted with updates, special offers and just general stories we feel will interest you.

It has been such a fun 7 months since we created Peekazu. For a start coming up with the name took some time. When we decided we wanted to do retro style prints and gifts we wanted to use a name that was not your everyday word or company name people may think of when thinking of retro prints. We have 3 children and we would always say Peekazu! to the kids in the morning to wake them up, especially when they were hiding under the covers. That when the name Peekazu came to mind, as it was one of our eldest's first words, making it meaningful to us!

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