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Portes Du Soleil Ski Map

Hi All

Its been a busy couple of weeks and it was worth it. I think we first came up with this idea around 3 weeks ago. We had been thinking about the next new print and more importantly a new range. I had been looking at the Portes du Soleil ski map we use when on family holidays and just thought I wonder if there is a version of this map that you may hang up in your house or gift someone. I had a quick look on line and I could not find anything.

So that was it, we will create a fun dreamy ski map. We spent a while working out how this should look, we added elements, took them away, added mountains, moved them around, changed the colour, it went on for days. At one point I just thought this will never happen and then boom something clicked with in the design and we were getting close. I think when we added the road that the print came together, it gave the print a sense of depth that the print did not have before. Anyway to cut the story short, the above is what we ended up with, we are so happy with the print and are looking forward to adding to the range. Watch this space!


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